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Research and Publication

Research and PublicationThe Journal of International Business and Leadership Studies, hereafter JIBLS, is an academic journal of the International Leadership Institute (ILI) that is published bi-annually. The goal of JIBLS is to promote academic discourse among the academics, practitioners, public policy makers & the private sector through publishing insightful and innovative research papers. JIBLS is multidisciplinary in scope, and interdisciplinary in content and approach.

As such, it welcomes scholarly works not just only from business disciplines such as finance, management and marketing, but also from other disciplines including leadership, HRM, public administration, political science and economics. JIBLS collects manuscripts throughout the year and if you are interested to contribute send your query email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



International Leadership Institute was founded to become a research-intensive higher education institution in Ethiopia as one of its aim. To accomplish this objective, it has organized the Research and Publication Office (RPO) which has the following major objectives:

  • Taking care of all research activities of ILI
  • Organizing research conferences and workshops
  • Identifying research thematic areas that should address the pressing issues of the country
  • Motivating staff members to actively engage in research activities
  • Preparing research annual budget and plan
  • Publishing research manuscripts through different forms like proceeding, journals, etc and disseminating them to stakeholders



Abstract of the 4th Joint International conference

Abstract of Journal of International Business and Leadership (JIBL) Vol.1, No.1 July 2012 Click here


ILI has produced the 2nd issue of the Journal & 4rth International Conference Proceedings. The content of these two monographs contains academic papers published in the context of academic conference and a peer reviewed periodical in which an academic discipline is related.


1. Journal of International Business and Leadership (JIBL) Vol.2, No. 1 March 2013 Click here