BA in Business Management


The BA (Hons) Business Management Degree Programme has curriculum that focuses directly on the practice of management. It develops knowledge and skills which are of immediate use to you as students and to employers in a practical business evironment.

It should be noted that the programme curriculum is not proposed but definitive. It already has approved status and operates at the Greenwich campus in the UK and at a number of overseas partners. This proposal, therefore, seeks permission to operate this particular curriculum at ILI University.

It should also be explained that this particular programme is derived directly from the recently reviewed three year programme of the same title. This programme has proved extremely successful in both the full three year and in the top-up from. An indication if current student number is:

UK programme: The Three year programme currently has 521 students registered across the three years of the programme - one of the largest degree programme in the business school and the University as a whole.

Overseas programmes: The programme runs in the full three years from at SEGi College, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia with a current total of over 700 registered students. The Top-up programme currently runts at ERCi Singapore. ILI University Ethiopia (Hanoi and Ho Chi Munh City) and is approved for operation at ABRS, Hong Kong (but not yet recruiting). Total student registrations at these sites number over 250 students with significant growth expected.

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